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ㆍEyemee eyelashes are made with soft and elastic high quailty synthetic fiber.
ㆍThickness(mm): 0.07/0.10/0.15/0.20/0.25/0.30
ㆍLength(mm): 4~17

Story of the names of Lash Curls
We, EYEMEE THE BEAUTY as an original developer of eyelash extension, have been requested to show a guideline of calling lash curls since a long time ago.
The reason why is because there have been mixed up calling of lash curls in the eyelashes extension industry. therefore, we are honorably glad to clarify how the names of lash curls were made and what to call the names of curls as global standard in order to avoid confusions in calling lash curls.
When there was no name to call lash curl, Eyemee originally started to call the name C-curl in the beginning age of eyelash extension.
I-curl was major curl of lash till that time. Later on, Eyemee had developed J-curl and applied registration of trademark with the name of Premium J-curl. From then, J-curl lash became major trend of eyelash extension curl.
All those names of curls were selected from alphabets which were suitable enough to describe the shape of curls.
Recently, some people who didn't have idea how the name of curls were made started to call lash curls as A-curl, B-curl, CC-curl and even D-curl.
They just put them ahead or following alphabets of C to call the lashes. Such names can pull user's curiosity, but never good to give clear idea of lash curls to users. Furthermore, those curls are almost same to I-curl, J-curl or C-curl. If you see the pictures of curls hereunder, you will see that those 3 names such as I-curl, J-curl and C-curl are enough to call and distinguish lash curls.

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