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We are a main original manufacturer and supplier of lash hair, adhesive, other relative materials for eyelash extensions.
It's Ohmylash to make increase your customers. Now you can easily purchase Eyemee products on the Ohmylash, which is approved the best quality products by U.S.A and the Europe as the international standard in the eyelash extension industry.

Eyemee is known as something special. Eyemee's products are known as high-class. Eyemee products are known as having dignity.
Eyemee products are known as can believe. Luxury brands, however, do not call themselves as luxury; likewise Eyemee does not exaggerate our products and continues our reputation by honestly developing products quality and new technology.

There are also good companies besides Eyemee, however we want to inform you about our products and want to make a help.
We hope that your business will be thriving day by day. Eyemee acquired safety test three years ago by developing formaldehyde free glue at the first time in the world. After that, we developed stronger non-stimulus Maxi glue for exportation use and we registered U.S.A FDA as a medical type only in Korea. Maxi power glue- strong and low-stimulus exportation type- can operate fast and many customers said that it stayed more than 2 months. When everyone only knew about C-curl fate hair, we developed Premium J-curl fake hair and spreaded all over the world.(Premium means the best quality goods)
We also device Special mascara Gold for the first time which is good for the eyelash extension and easy to use, so we make operators sell to the customers who want to have a thick eyelash. (It also has good reputation for the normal type.)

We also invent protection coating products at the first time which multiply maintenance period of eyelash extension about two times and invent eyelash tonic
essence to strength weak eyelash by pure oriental medical method, and as a result we could get absolute response from the inside and outside of the country.

- We developed fundamentally different protein remover pad with general previous treatment products in the market.
- We develop Q10-eye patch(eye gel pads) which protects and hides under lash during the operation.
- We made design registration about rainbow skin art which is generally used putting on the rip balm case as device pointed cap for easy using in the outdoor.
- Now you can purchase various types of eyelashes such as Premium J-curl, Premium C-curl fake lash, and the best quality silk lash and mink lash, and the most naturally looking natural rash single and double, and Y lash and multi-color silk lash and you can also purchase various appliances.

If there is someone who wants to manage Eyemee local agency or wants to make special purchase such as school, institution or wholesale, please arrange special negotiation.
Thank you.
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