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ㆍMoisturizing formula that lasts all day.
ㆍRoyal Jelly, Vitamin, mineral, oil, and herb extracts nourish and
    protect the eyelashes from unwanted contamination.
ㆍSmooth and Creamy texture.
ㆍCoates each lash evenly for a great look that lasts.
ㆍMakes lashes look fuller and thicker without clumpping.

It is a non-stimuli natural friendly mascara. Royal jelly and rich vegetarian elements will bring the freshness to the weak eyelashes. Its vitamin, mineral oil and many kinds of oriental treatment elements will protect sensitive eye skin from the external stimuli. Its soft spiral brush which expresses each lash long shapes eyelash thick like doll.

Paste contents on the brush appropriately, and swipe eyelashes from the top to the bellow and swipe eyelashes again from the bellow to the top. When remove it, just wash without remover. Its capacity is 10ml.

max2 Eyelash Intensive Care Solution
Every item of max2 eyelash intensive care solution is made for the best use of eyelash and eyelash extension, and everyone who experienced this item is highly satisfied with the effect. Acquire service dignity and profit increasing at once. It is acknowledged the quality from the U.S. and European beauty salon first.

max2 Special Mascara Gold
Royal Jelly, Vitamin, mineral, oil, and herb extracts nourish and protect the eyelashes from unwanted contamination.

max2 Tonic Essence Gold
Essence and Toninc 2in1 Type. More Than 20 Herb Extracts Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer and healthier.

max2 Coating Sealant
Protects extended eyelashes from moisture, oils and other obstacles to maximize the bonding of lashes.

max2 Coenzyme Q10
Lint free patch provides extra comfort and protection. Suitable to be used for eyelash extension.
EYEMEE The Beauty co.,Ltd
Eyemee The Beauty Co., Ltd is a company specialized in manufacturing, developing, and distributing cosmetics and eyelash extension materials. Especially, eyelash extension related products are very well known throughout the world to be the ‘global standards’. Eyemee has been supplying products under Eyemee’s own brand all over the globe such as North America, Europe, Japan, and Russia. We are also specialized in OEM, and ODM. We currently manufacture over 300 eyelash extension related products and it is the largest number of products in the industry.
Through the strict QC systems, we have acquired ISO 22716, Korea Certification and registered our products with FDA to fulfill customer satisfaction. By researching and developing new products with advanced technologies and years of know-how, we constantly manufacture and supply high quality premium products with honesty and confidence.

-Exhibit in ‘Sinail 2004’ (South Korea)
-Exhibit in ‘Osong Beauty Expo 2013’ (South Korea)
-Exhibit in ‘Cosmoprof North America 2013’ (Las Vegas)
-Exhibit in ‘Cosmoprof Asia 2013’ (Hong Kong)
-Exhibit in ‘intercham 2013’ (Moscow, Russia)
-Exhibit in ‘Guangdong International Beauty Expo 2014’ (China)
-Exhibit in ‘Cosmoprof Bologna 2014’ (Italy)

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